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The design of the new women’s collection for the Refrigiwear Autumn-Winter 2020 season draws inspiration from the brand’s iconic clothing, which has been restyled with a modern, contemporary twist for urban and daily use. In the outerwear category, the collection consists of jackets, parkas and coats, and long and short down jackets for every taste and style. Completing the wide range of products are accessories such as winter hats and caps, soft, cosy scarves, backpacks and bags.
The fabrics and materials chosen for RefrigiWear garments ensure femininity, quality and stunning looks for every occasion. All fabrics are windproof and water repellent to protect you from the cold and all weather conditions. A careful selection of fabrics characterizes the jacket range. In the most iconic styles, like the New Evans Jacket, typical RefrigiWear nylon is used, which has a crisp, thick feel and robust structure. The choice continues with a very comfortable, glossy nylon fabric with feminine allure and sophisticated look. The collection also features a soft nylon that has been emerized to give it a peach-like finish and extremely smooth texture, as well as three-layered technical fabrics with stretch, laminated with jersey and water repellent, waterproof and windproof membrane for the more technological category of the collection. All fabrics are wind-proof and waterproof to protect against the cold and all types of extreme weather conditions. RefrigiWear garments are suited to a multitude of uses, whether in a casual, urban or outdoor context, or a more classic or formal situation, such as a stroll through town on an autumn day or a week in the mountains with friends. The winter jackets have different fits and cuts, which range from slim and nipped-in to oversized and fun; they come with or without hood, with synthetic or real fur and in various colours for every taste. Depending on the weather conditions, jackets can be chosen with different types of padding; they range from super-lightweight to very warm with characteristics that ensure protection even in the event of extreme cold thanks to materials that retain heat generated by the body. Completing the RefrigiWear total look are a wide range of accessories such as traditional and modern hats made of fine wool or scarves, either simple or with lurex inserts, which are ideal for every day, iconic backpacks with original applied pocket and central logo patch made of the same material used to pad parkas adopted in American cold storage rooms, with plenty of compartments and space inside.