RefrigiWear presents a wide collection of Spring Summer Men's jackets, bombers, and down jackets, purchasable directly online, which resume the iconicity, versatility and comfort of the historical garments of the American brand born in 1954 in New York as work gear in the cold refrigerating rooms of the Meat Packing District. The outerwear collection combines these characteristics with a thorough research of materials and fabrics and a contemporary interpretation, proposing unique garments with an unmistakable style. The collection ranges from practical and comfortable summer jackets, perfect if you are a sportier and more modern soul, lined internally or totally unlined with seams bordered in contrast to light bomber jackets, perfect to cover up in case of unexpected rain or gusty winds, up to super-comfortable and soft light down jackets & gilets, padded in real down and characterized by the most updated style. All jackets feature unique fits and different nylon fabrics either bright, shiny or opaque and details such as personalized zip, sliders and buttons and are characterized by intriguing and live colors. Choose your favorite and buy it today to receive it directly at your house.
All garments are great to cover different needs, from those lined internally in jersey to grant a higher comfort, in nylon or lightly padded in real down for the beginning of the spring season, up to the super-light garments for a classy summer outfit or to cover up during summer windy evenings. The range of colors presents very modern and elegant dyes with some more eccentric and fun variants for those who want to dare more. Tones of blue, gray and black are definitely a classic but are well matched as a stylistic proposal with modern tones of green and mastic or bright colors like red, ice and electric blue. Each garment is made with highly researched materials, as a result of relevant partnerships with some of the most famous textile companies in Italy. The manufacture of the garments follows strict rules of the tradition of our brand and our company.