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The new Men's Collection for Autumn/Winter 2020 by RefrigiWear® brings the brand's values, design and classic technical details to the modern day, with inspiration drawn from the practical features, resistant material and comfort of workwear born in New York's Meat Packing District back in 1954. The collection of men's clothing features men's winter jackets, coats, parkas, and down jackets to be worn outdoors, as well as other pieces, including crew-neck jumpers, high-neck pullovers, hoodies and sweatshirts.
These iconic, one-of-a-kind clothing pieces have been given a modern, contemporary spin, making them perfect for everyday urban wear. The fabrics and materials chosen make garments by RefrigiWear utterly unique, ensuring exceptional quality and attractive style for any occasion. Painstaking research goes into the fabrics used to make our jackets. With its crisp, full-bodied feel, RefrigiWear's classic, structurally robust nylon is used to create the brand's most iconic garments, including our Original Parka. The collection also includes youthful, urban garments inspired by the pursuit of truly unique nylon fabrics: from down jackets made from iridescent nylon that varies in colour depending on exposure to light or very stylish shiny nylon to others made from nylon brushed to give it a wool-like finish, which is both very comfortable and, aesthetically, more formal.
The jackets on offer have technologically advanced characteristics and offer exceptional, highly sought-after materials: stretchy modern garments and three-layer fabrics lined with jersey and water-repellent, wind-resistant membranes, and cotton made waterproof by a rubber-effect coating applied to the outer surface. RefrigiWear garments are suitable for a wide range of uses in both casual, urban or outdoor settings and more traditional, formal ones, including strolls in town on autumn days or week-long mountain holidays with friends. Winter jackets are available in different fits, from snug and slim-fitting to modern and oversized styles, and there are hooded and hoodless varieties, ones with synthetic or genuine fur, and various colours to suit all tastes. Depending on the climate, you can choose from different kinds of padding, and from ultra-light garments and jackets to thicker, warmer ones that will even protect you in extremely cold conditions thanks to the use of materials that retain exceptional levels of body heat.
To complete your head-to-toe RefrigiWear look, our line of jumpers offers a range of different styles, including: pure wool crew-neck jumpers, turtlenecks and cashmere/wool blend pullovers, all made from the highest-quality yarns from both Italy and abroad. Stretchy, technical sweatshirts boast highly sophisticated detailing and embody that signature RefrigiWear style. To round off the collection, there is a wide selection of accessories, including: iconic and very spacious backpacks with an original patch pocket, a logo patch in the middle and inner compartments, made using the same padded material used for parkas worn in American cold-storage units, as well as unique, modern hats and scarves perfect for every day of the week.