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The new RefrigiWear Men’s Spring-Summer 2020 jacket collection proposes different themes and styles that take inspiration from the original features of traditional garments but embody a careful selection of innovative technical fabrics. Discover all our jackets - choosing one won’t be easy.
Among the summer items are versatile men’s jackets, suitable for a multitude of uses, but which, at the same time, guarantee the protection and comfort that RefrigiWear has always offered in its products. The collection consists of a great classic, the Wave Jacket, as well as a jacket that has been restyled with a modern twist, the Wave/1 Jacket, and two comfortable and practical jackets, one made of cotton in a classic style and the other of nylon in a more modern style in interesting colours. The range is completed with a younger, more contemporary jacket, the Alvin Jacket, and a jacket available with hood and considerable attention to detail. The colours vary from navy blue and black, to more vibrant tones such as red, ice blue, military green and bright blue. All items are personalized with colour contrasts and striking but not flamboyant details, which distinguish their innovative spirit. Now all you have to do is to explore and enjoy RefrigiWear style.