Stories to warm your heart

Seeing the world in new ways time and again, telling unique stories and revealing exceptional feats. The dream never ends.

This is RefrigiWear, which, since 1954, has offered unique and original garments designed for life's everyday challenges. 

We want to travel, get excited, have fun and we want you to join us: let the adventure begin.

Resistant and long-lasting garments, like RefrigiWear's products, are designed with materials perfectly suited to all your day-to-day adventures. But how do you get a long-lasting jacket you can wear whenever you travel?

A story that started with a dream and transformed into an adventure, to see the world in new ways time and again. Discover the RefrigiWear story: it has only just begun.

Journal is a journey to the world's most beautiful places, into the history of RefrigiWear, and a place to meet new explorers. We want to follow our hearts to discover all-new horizons and we want to do it with you!