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V-neck pullover in 100% cotton with a slightly crisp and dry touch, but extremely breathable and pleasant to wear. Plain and simple garment, with a touch of movement given by the wash.

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Our North Pullover is a summer V-neck pullover in 100% washed cotton that gives a slightly crisp and dry touch, but at the same time offering a very high comfort. Ultra-light sweater, extremely breathable, soft and pleasant to wear. Garment with a clean and simple look, but characterized by a wash that makes the cotton iconic and unique. Cuffs and bottom in rib for maximum comfort, and micro-rib neckline. Ideal for a casual or more formal look; perfect to match with many different looks: wear it with a colored chino or with a jeans and always bring it with you. The fit is up-to-date and comfortable. The colors are classic but intriguing, combine them with your outfit for a summer in style.
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